1. Laurie

    Yes you are a legend in the family with being rigid with your kids schedules, especially bedtime routines and schedules. LOL! But actually I admire it, it works well for the kids and your family. It’s good to carry those routines with you on vacation ?

  2. Love these tips. I recently took a trip with my little one and i didn’t have problems with her sleep mainly coz of #5, lol. I made sure she ran around as much as possible while we were out so she was tired each day sleep was no problem at all. Great tips

  3. Most of our travel is done internationally and long flights so we definitely cannot stick to routine. However, this means we are forced to be more flexible. We plan ahead for jet lag and if that means having the favorite toys out at 4am, so be it. If that means ice cream for breakfast because it’s 8pm at home and we are starved, so be it. Traveling means breaking the rules and going with the flow. You cannot enjoy the trip and new culture if you are so focused on the routine. I love this article! Fabulous advice!!

  4. RM

    These are great tips! When we sleep away from home I try to keep to our regular routine as much as is possible…

  5. Love your tips! Different things work for different people. My kids have never had a strict schedule, my cousin is the opposite and all kids are happy and healthy

  6. Angela

    Excellent post. It’s so true that while you have to be as prepared as a boy scout, you also have to be flexible. Not easy to do both but that’s momming!

  7. Great tips! We are getting ready to move across the country and will be sleeping away from home for a few days then in a new house. I’ll be putting these tips to work.

  8. Amanda

    Great post! It’s so tricky when they’re not in the usual surroundings. We are moving soon and I’ll have to remember these when we are trying to establish good habits in the new place.

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