1. Just bought me a new pair today! And I agree, wearing yoga pants doesn’t mean that you’ve given up, it just means that I like showing off my behind in tight pants 😉

  2. I write this as I sit here in my yoga pants lol. I put them on in hopes that I might get five minutes to myself and might workout lol

  3. So funny I am totally not a fan of yoga pants myself, I have a pair for bed but I would hate to exercise in hem! I prefer leggings but they are comfortable I’ll give you that.

  4. Wearing yoga pants makes me feel more flexible and active when playing with my daughter than tight jeans would! Plus I fit in more yoga when I wear them because I feel good! Waiting for my toddler to pick up that thing I asked her to pick up 60 times already? That’s a few minutes I can throw in some stretching. My daughter loves doing yoga with me now too!
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  5. Yoga pants are the new jeans. Just look at any teenage girl. And I’ll definitely take them over mom jeans any day. Comfort and the ability to run after the kid without having to stop every 30 seconds to pull up my jeans is way more important to me than worrying what some judgy people might have to say. Rock the yoga pants, Mamas!

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