1. We had one episode. Due to a miscommunication among elders about who is looking after which kid, we missed our elder twin in a public place. It was a matter of few minutes but my heart leapt out of the fear of having to find my son well and safe. And when we located him I was hit hard by his tears and his eyes spoke so many things do me – why did you let me go mommy? ? I am deeply hurt whenever that incident strikes me even today.

    One more idea I would suggest is making your kid to memorise your phone number and instructing her to take someone’s help (like police officer or a mom as u mentioned) and call mommy immediately.

  2. THIS IS MY WORST FEAR!!! Thankfully it hasn’t happened, and when it ALMOST did.. my son screamed for me. I need to make sure he knows my phone number. I’m crazy hyper vigilant when we’re in public but you can never be too careful!

  3. Laurie

    This is every parents worst nightmare and every parent has had it happen (or will have it happen). You age 20 years in 10 seconds! Kids are so quick its unbelievable and you just never ever let go of a child that is in this “phase”.
    Great tips and its a good subject to share!

  4. This has not full-fledge happened to me yet, but with the way my kiddos are, it will. Lie: My son, who has profound autism, runs ALL the time, but there’s always someone with eyes on him so while he has run away, I have never actually lost him yet. ALTHOUGH when he was a baby, his terrible biological father once came into the store where I was shopping on a bike (?? already) and swept his stroller away behind me while gliding down the next aisle. I did feel that panic when I turned from grabbing whatever it was to see he wasn’t there, but felt relief when I saw him around the corner. Double relief when I saw another dad in the store running toward my ex ready to beat him to a pulp until he realized that everything was okay! It’s a really scary feeling…for sure. I can imagine my Anabelle doing what your Ellie did…and I would (will, probably more likely) be…very upset, to state it mildly.

  5. Our eldest son was a runner and we lost him once in the mall when he was three and it was the most terrifying twenty minutes or so of our lives. Horrible. Thankfully it all turned out ok. Thank you for these great tips.

  6. My husband thinks it is dumb that I have a leash for my son! He isn’t around him all the time, and doesn’t go as many places as I do with him. We go out a lot, to stores, events and places with lots of people. Carrying them and holding their hand constantly is not as easy as it sounds. So I will look dumb, and continue to put my son on a leash or in the stroller! Great read!

    • My kids love the leash. It lets them walk without holding my hand. And it’s cute:) My littlest brings it to me when she wants to go outside. My husband doesn’t always get it either because I go out more with the kids. When we go shopping he always wants to let our kids walk rather than put them in the cart. Until he has to go running after them every 5 minutes!

  7. I have always been an eyes glued to them kind of mom – to the point people actually tell me to ease up! Yet we still had a scary episode when our daughter was 4. We were at a children’s museum – loud and crowded. My husband was with her and 2 of her brothers inside a netted ball area. I stood just to the side of the exit to it with the baby in a stroller. One of the boys went in the opposte direction so my husband turned, at the same time a large group of people walked past the exit. Once they were past, I saw that my daughter was gone! We gathered the boys and frantically circled around the place, imagining every horrible thing possible. It was 5 minutes later that we found her calmly playing with dolls in one of their little partitioned areas. We still start shaking when it comes up. It can happen, even if you think it never would to you. This is a very helpful list! It can be hard to come up with a plan on what to do next when they’ve already gone missing, because you’re so stressed out! We have used the backpack leashes with each child. Yes, we get the dirty looks. But if we’re somewhere like a crowded zoo, they need to be able to walk around and see things and still be safe. The people who give the dirty looks obviously have never felt how slippery a 2 yr old’s hand can be! Oh, and we also do the “Do you have them?”. That, and at family gatherings they are only allowed outside if one of us is out there with them. When there are so many adults, they all think someone else is watching them!

  8. Ugh, this has always been my biggest fear! When we are shopping, I always tell my daughter in advance that we are in a public space so she needs to always hold mommy’s hand or stay close where I can see her. It helps now that she’s almost 6 and can understand this, so she’s getting a little bit of the concept of stranger danger. These are good tips indeed!

    Mae | http://www.thegospelofbeauty.org/

  9. Wow this is so scary, thank god what happened to you was simply solved and nothing worse … Interesting you suggest the toddler leash, i have had so many arguments with other people about these and if it’s ok to use or if it’s demeaning!!!! I think that whatever keeps your children safe is perfect…..!

    • I can assure you my girls have not felt demeaned by wearing our leash. It’s a backpack monkey with a tail for a parent to hold onto. My kids think it’s their cute backpack. And they like being able to walk without holding hands. I like not having to run after them every few minutes when they take off or head into trouble. Win-win! 😉

  10. Patty

    When my son was little, we were in a curtain store and he was standing right next to me. He decided to hide in between the bins. I looked down and he wasnt there. I panicked and made the store manager block anyone from leaving until I found him . He was crouched between the bin where I had been standing with him and laughing, thinking we were playin hide and seek. I was never so scared in my life.

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