1. I love these ideas. I think I might make the gratitude jars with my Girl Scout troop this week. I like projects that get the kids thinking about being appreciative and doing things for others.

  2. Angie

    These are all such great ideas to teach our kids about gratitude during this season. My daughter is still a baby but I want to make sure she grows up being thankful for everything she has.

  3. Barbara Alfeo

    We do a gratitude paper chain. Every year, we each add 2 links. It’s fun to see it get longer and longer and to see the responses from previous years.

  4. Laurie

    These are all great ideas and a reminder that Thanksgiving is about much more than food. I started a Joy jar on New Years Day, I write down on a piece of paper every day something that brought me joy that day. On New Year’s Eve I plan to read them and remember the joyful moments of the pst year ( very similar to your gratitude jar idea). I like all the ideas and it is such a good idea to teach gratitude to children and adults alike 😊

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