1. soooooo i thought i was a big brat because i HATED playing certain things with my boys. Unfortunately, the games that they would love to play were the games I hated playing with them. I’m more of a “lets sit down and color, do a puzzle, or build a tower” type of player… while my kids want to jump off things, make the puzzle explode, or build a tower to have an action figure crash into it and make it fall down. It’s very exhausting LOL I normally just give in. If I’m totally not feeling it, then i suggest another activity — like going outside!

  2. Laurie

    It’s not just you. I too have certain activities I enjoy doing with kids way more than others. And if we are honest, sometimes we are “just not feeling it”. I believe there is a certain age range where kids like to dictate to others how to play with them, also some personality types LOL!
    If we are honest, we don’t always want to play with our kids, sometimes the best times are watching them play and imagine without any adult help at all 🙂
    And that is a great skill for them to learn 😉

    • I agree learning independent play is an important skill to develop. At least that’s what I tell myself when I send them off to go play without me, LOL!

  3. Yikes! I will be saving this to return back to when my daughter turns four. Anyway, great list. I especially like the idea of turning it into a playdate. Also, what a great idea to have a list of things you do like to play readily available!

  4. I love this post. These are great. Yeah, I’m there too. sometimes I love it! But sometimes playing with my kids is the last thing I want to do…I’m so grateful that my two girls are so close together for that reason; they often entertain themselves and I don’t have to feel crappy about it because they have each other. But other times nope, and for those time I will use this list!

  5. I have definitely questioned a time or two whether something was just me or not. But for me I just started making up my own silly voices to go with play. She certainly wanted to dictate things but as long as I was doing the silly fun voices, I had control of what I did and how long I did it. I don’t know why it worked but it seemed to.

  6. These are all great tips to make playing with your child a bit more exciting! I like the idea of doing the things you like to do to mix it up. Going outside can change both of our moods!

  7. I’m right there with you! I do not like playing with my kids. Funny thing: I just had more kids so they could play with each other! It worked! However, this is the most expensive and exhausting solution. Haha!

    • I love this! I’m still waiting for this solution to work. When my youngest is a little older hopefully she will take my place as the on-call playmate, LOL;)

  8. Have another baby isn’t on your list! Lol. But in all honesty, my oldest son can’t stand to be alone and still doesn’t play by himself well (he’s 7) but having younger brothers gives him built-in play mates that give me an occasional play-break.

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