1. Lori

    Loved your content. Kinda wished there were photos to go along with it. Looking forward to more – I subscribed!

  2. These are super tips. My tip is to give yourself the time to go swimsuit shopping by yourself. I know it might not be easy, but it also isn’t easy trying to take a million swimsuits into the dressing room with kid(s) in tow, making fun of your big butt (OK maybe that is just my kids :P)

  3. Laurie

    My thoughts… swimsuit shopping makes all women feel that her body is not the right shape or size when in reality her body is amazing! Though the dressing rooms are cruel with horrible mirrors and lighting, finding a suit that is comfortable and you’ll wear is important. you don’t want to limit your fun because you won’t put on a swim suit. Life is short, put that swim suit on and go have some fun!

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