Baby showers are such a wonderful way to celebrate a new baby. And to spend time with friends enjoying good company, sweet treats, and teeny tiny little baby things. AND baby shower games! That is if they are the right games. To make your next baby shower the best one ever, check out these crazy fun baby shower games!

*Side note: I will say up front I am not a fan of shower games that make you smell or taste something nasty, cause you to ruin clothes, makeup, or hairstyle or in any way set out to humiliate the shower guests or the mom-to-be for entertainment. The list of games below will make your shower hilarious fun for EVERYONE. No bobbing for bottle nipples, eating baby food or guessing the mom-to-be’s waist circumference required.

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Want a Fun Baby Shower? Play these Shower Games!

1. My Water Broke!

To play this game, you give each shower guest an ice cube with a plastic baby frozen inside. Guests can do anything they want to encourage their ice cube to melt as far as blowing on it or rubbing it in their hands. Generally, there is a rule against biting the ice cube. But that’s up to you.

Encourage your guests to keep a close eye on their frozen baby. And the first person whose plastic baby breaks free of the ice shouts “My water broke!” and wins a prize.

Ice cube trays make a great prize for this shower game, especially if you find some fancy or fun ones. Here are some top-rated options from Amazon.

I’ve seen a version of this where each guest was given their ice cube by itself in a cup or a bowl. And one where it was tossed into their drink. Presumably, if it’s in their drink they won’t be handling it as much but you never know.

You’ll need to set this game up the day before by getting the babies in the freezer. But once you do that you’re ready for a fun shower game!

2. Find the Baby Mama

This is one of the most unique and hilariously fun baby shower games you’ll ever play. The game comes with multiple scratch off cards. Most of the cards have random celebrity faces or cartoons or whatever when you scratch them. But the winning card will have the new mama’s picture on it.

A simple game that gets a ton of laughs! You’ll want to try this one!

3. Baby Bump or Beer Belly?

This is another fun baby shower game involving pictures. This time you pass out cards with photos of baby bumps and beer bellys and have your guests guess which is which.

I was wrong. A LOT. Maybe your baby shower guests will have better luck. Either way, they’ll be laughing.


4. Baby Name that Tune

Baby Name that Tune is a fun baby shower game for music lovers. To play, you find lullaby versions of well-known rock and pop songs, play them for your guests and see if they can identify the songs.

The Rockabye Baby CDs are perfect for this and available from Amazon here. Or you can use the free samples on iTunes to play short snippets of the songs.

This post has a great free printable you can use for this game.

5. Pin the Pacifier on the Baby

I think every party should have a poster you have to pin things to while blindfolded. It’s fun at every age! This game is super simple with minimal setup needed.

Everyone knows how to play and there will be plenty of laughs among the party guests. This top-rated version from Amazon is reusable, so save it for future baby shower fun!

6. Pin the Sperm on the Egg

If Pin the Pacifier on the Baby is too tame for your baby shower, take the laughs up a notch with Pin the Sperm on the Egg!

This game is a hoot! The faces on the sperm are enough to bring the chuckles. The game itself is from Etsy. It’s high quality and can be reused at multiple showers (or you know, if you just want to play it at home).

I love that the description for this product says you can use the extra sperm for decorations. Yes, please! LOL.

7. Babies Against Parenthood

Are you a fan of the game Cards Against Humanity? (If you’re not familiar with it, it’s like a very R-rated Apples to Apples).

Like Cards Against Humanity, Babies Against Parenthood is a hilarious party game your baby shower guests will be talking about for weeks after. With the right crowd, this game is the best of the crazy fun baby shower games.

If you’re hosting a co-ed baby shower, this is a game that everyone will get a kick out of.  

And the best part is, this game is FREE! You just need to print it from The Eco Friendly Family website here.

8. Is the Price Right?

Can you guess the right price for ten common baby products? This game is a fun way to see if your baby shower guests can.

Who doesn’t love The Price is Right and a chance to show some shopping savvy? This is a great printable version of this game or you can always make your own.

This game makes a nice icebreaker or is an easy game to play when you’d rather have everyone stay seated during the party. The only prep work you need to do is to find out the correct prices for the baby items before the game starts. (Hint: Check Amazon!)

9. What’s in Your Purse?

I’ve always found the ‘What’s in Your Purse?’ game to be a hilarious scavenger hunt into my own bag, let alone the purses of other people. This post has a great free printable you can use for this game. If you scroll all the way to the bottom, you’ll see it. Or you can check out the dozens of options for this game on Etsy.

You can also make your own with a little typing on your computer. And feel free to get creative! Many women carry a bag that could rival Mary Poppins when it comes to pulling out surprising things. I once attended a shower where someone had a fork in their purse and that probably wasn’t even the strangest thing.

10. Blindfolded Diaper Change

Can you change a baby’s diaper while blindfolded? Many moms probably can after a few hundred middle of the night diaper changes. But this game is a fun way to test their skills. And that of the mom-to-be if she wants to play.

All you need are a couple of dolls, some diapers, and a blindfold. Prizes for the most correct diaper change, the fastest, and maybe the least accurate too.

11. Emoji Diaper Game

We all love baby shower games where you don’t have to get out of your seat and this is a favorite. For this game, each guest gets a diaper with an emoji printed inside. You can set one on each chair and have guests pick it up when they sit down.  

The “losers” will have a picture of a poop emoji inside their diaper. The winner(s) will have an emoji baby.

This is a unique twist on the “who has a sticker on their chair/plate/cup” games. It makes it a little more fun!

Can you tell I like to look for fun baby shower games on Etsy? It’s so easy to find unique games for cheap and all you have to do is print them out and play! It’s perfect for people like me who never allow enough time for planning!


What is your favorite baby shower game? Any fun ones that you really love? Share in the comments!

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