1. Laurie

    Good Post. I have my two cents to add…
    First of all, it appears “guilt” arrives in a big way along with the birth of your first child. But somehow it seems to only attach to mom. Dad seems to escape this “parental guilt”. At least dad doesn’t seem to get it as intensely ( along with the inability to hear a crying baby in the night) ?
    However in regards to “guilt”, if what you are doing or not doing is hurting someone, then the ” guilt” is a good reminder and is teaching you something and you should listen to it.
    However, if the ” guilt” isn’t hurting anyone else then those ” guilt feelings” are actually trying to tell YOU that you need to take care of YOURSELF. You most likely as a worn out mom need to do some self care. So next time you feel ” guilty” think about giving yourself some time and attention. After all as you said in your blog post, we are all only human.

  2. The older my children get…the less guilty I feel about the vast majority of things on this list. I think it’s just something that comes with age and experience as the years go by. Those early years are tough for sure and you want so much to make sure you are the “great mom” that every one raves about. You don’t want anyone to see the chinks in your “mom armor” A few years go by and then 10 years and you start to feel a little more like “I did my time with the play dates, and the strollers and the bake sales etc…now I’m going to sit here and enjoy my wine AND my dang candy bar!”

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