1. Laurie

    I think it’s great you’ve discovered simple ways that work for you and your family. Accepting who we are and working from that starting point eliminates a lot of trial and error. With kids, simple is always good. The kids get older and it gets a little easier, but around our house we have a saying before we have company we always do a clean sweep of the house, then we sit back and say ” that will fool them” ( as long as they don’t open any closet doors, where we’ve thrown the stuff that’s always out ?)

  2. I love your last point- it made me laugh because it’s so true. I run a home daycare and when I have someone come over to visit my home for the first time it really motivates me to clean up… maybe I should do that more often.

  3. As someone who loves a clean house but HATES to clean, your post really spoke to me. Thanks. I have a cleaning lady every couple of weeks. I do remember once, though, when my daughter was about 5, I took out the vacuum cleaner and she said “Mommy, what’s that?” Says a lot about me I think!

  4. Storage bins and having friends over are my go-to tips for keeping a cleaner house. Bins are an easy organizing solution and play dates provide the motivation!

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