Breastfeeding your baby can be one of the most magical parts of new motherhood. It can also be one of the hardest. But it doesn’t have to be. A breastfeeding class is one of the best ways to prepare for nursing your baby. The right class can give you the confidence and information you need to succeed.

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And now you can take a breastfeeding class online! I only wish this had been around when I was pregnant and trying to prepare for breastfeeding. Check out my interview with Stacey Stewart, the creator of The Ultimate Breastfeeding Class to learn more about her background and the help her online breastfeeding class and her website can offer breastfeeding moms or those preparing to nurse their baby.

1. Please introduce yourself and tell us about your website & your online breastfeeding class.

My name is Stacey Stewart and I live in Charleston, SC with my handsome hubby and 3 kids.  I’m a Certified Lactation Educator and have a passion for helping demystify the process of breastfeeding and pumping for women.  Because let’s face it – it can be TOUGH. And knowing the ropes and what to expect can make all the difference! In 2017 I founded Milkology – an online lactation education company devoted to providing practical tools and wisdom to help breastfeeding and pumping moms reach their goals!  I also created an online course (The Ultimate Breastfeeding Class) that I poured my heart and soul into! Essentially I took everything women need to know to successfully breastfeed and packaged it into a fun and easy step-by-step format! You can take the whole class from the comfort of your own home in under 90 minutes!

Check out Stacey’s website and course here:



2. What do you consider the minimum steps expecting moms should take to prepare for breastfeeding?

I strongly believe that anyone who would like to breastfeed should take a breastfeeding class or read a good breastfeeding book while pregnant.  Being educated on what to expect before baby arrives is critical. Trying to figure it all out afterward can be overwhelming because the first few weeks are often the hardest and women are dealing with postpartum recovery and intense sleep deprivation.  So the bare minimum I recommend while pregnant is to take a breastfeeding class (either in person or online) or read a book about how to breastfeed!

3. How can new & expecting moms benefit from a breastfeeding class?

Although breastfeeding is natural, it doesn’t always come naturally!  One of the biggest comments I get from new moms is that they wish they learned more about breastfeeding beforehand.  Taking a class is the most efficient way to absorb the right information! You can surely do your own research and spend days (and weeks!) sifting through materials.  But to save time and energy – it’s so much easier to leave it to the professionals to teach you EXACTLY what you need to know!

4. What’s the most common breastfeeding problem moms ask you about?

Hands down – MILK SUPPLY!   There are so many misconceptions out there about milk supply and how breastfeeding works.  About a dozen things can fake you out and make you think you’re not making enough milk – when in reality you’re making the PERFECT amount!  They key is to know your baby’s hunger cues, feed on demand, and know what to expect. If babies are growing along their growth curve and having enough wet and dirty diapers for their age – women can rest easy knowing that their milk supply is doing fine and if they continue to feed on demand they can carry on breastfeeding for as long as they wish!

5. What can moms expect from your online breastfeeding class?

The Ultimate Breastfeeding Class is an on-demand program broken down into 13 short videos.  Women can expect to walk away being less overwhelmed and more prepared and confident to breastfeed, knowing exactly what to expect every step of the way from the first latch to the final feeding!

6. How is your class different from other breastfeeding classes?

There are 2 key differences – convenience and price!  Some women don’t have access to in-person breastfeeding classes or simply don’t want the hassle of sitting through a class.  My class is available anytime, anywhere – meaning you can totally do it in your PJs! Secondly – the price. I notice other online breastfeeding classes approach the $100 mark.  I wanted all women to have access to lactation education and so I priced mine to be super affordable for everyone. 🙂

7. Any words for a breastfeeding mom who is struggling?

Yes – reach out for help!  Problems both big and small can be troubleshooted by an IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant) whom I lovingly refer to as “the dairy fairies!”  But if you’re simply struggling with the day to day realities of breastfeeding – I highly recommend joining a breastfeeding group, either in person or online. It can be SO helpful to be around like-minded mamas who are going through exactly the same thing.  Often a simple “me too” can make the difference between throwing in the towel or giving it another day.

8. Anything else you want to add?

Yes – I have good news!  I’m adding some new lactation classes to the line-up!  I’m currently working on an online Back To Work Pumping Success Class and will be adding a Twins Breastfeeding Class (I’m a twin mom!), an Exclusive Pumping Class, a Milk Supply Mini Class, and a special NICU Class for mamas.

*Update: The Ultimate Back to Work Pumping Class is now available from Milkology. You can check it out here


I want to thank Stacey for taking the time to answer my questions. And I’m excited to see the new classes that are coming out! Click here to learn more about The Ultimate Breastfeeding Class!


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