Are you ready to plan your best summer ever? Summer can be a stressful time for moms. At first, you’re relieved to let go of the hectic school year schedule and get your cooped up kids outside for some summer fun. But what happens when your kids start complaining of boredom? Or your summer vacation is more stressful than fun because you forget to pack something? Printables can help solve these common problems! Check out these awesome summer printables for moms & kids!

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Printable Activities, Planners & Lists for Summer

Plan Your Summer!

Summer Organization Printable Set

Use this summer organization bundle to set up everything from your summer budget and meal planning to chores and activities for kids. It also includes summer rules for kids, a list of activities for kids, and just about anything else you can think of to plan a great summer. If you want a set of printables that is all-inclusive, this is the one!

Summer Planning Printables

Get ready to plan your best summer ever with this set of printables! Make your own summer planner binder with this summer calendar, summer bucket list, daily planner, and summer vacation planner! These are bright, fun, and functional! Perfect for us busy moms trying to organize summer plans!

Printable Planner Stickers

If you’re already a fan of planners and looking for some great summer planner stickers, I like this set. They fit the Erin Condren planners but will also work for others. Bright colors make planners more fun in my view, so I these are a fun set for summer planning.

Get Cozi - it's free!

2018 Summer Planner from Cozi

If you sign up for a free Cozi account, you’ll get the 2018 Cozi summer planner for free. Cozi is the best family organizing app for keeping track of busy lives. Everything from events and activities to recipes and grocery lists can be tracked in the Cozi app and shared with your family members via the app. And it’s free. Plus, right now you get their summer planner! Check it out here!

Summer Rules & Agendas for Kids

Summer Rules Printable Chart

This is a summer rules chart for the modern age. There is a neat little list of chores and activities for your child to complete before they can have access to their electronics. You can print one for each day and let your child check off their accomplishments. I always hope my kids will get so caught up in the coloring, reading, or playing outside that the electronics will be forgotten for a while. That’s the dream, right? You can also customize this printable with your own preferred list of to-dos and activities.

Summer Responsibility Chart

Setting goals is a great activity for the first day of summer. This free printable from will let your child create a checklist of things to do each day this summer. And a list of goals to accomplish over the summer months. Help your kids learn about personal accountability and work together with them to create their summer responsibility list.

Simply Spectacular Summer Agenda

I love this post and this printable from  Mandi is one relatable mama! You’ll love her down to earth style and real-life tested approach to parenting. Her simply spectacular summer agenda is perfect for moms who want to have a spectacular summer with their kids without turning in to an overworked cruise director! Read her post and get her free printable here!

Printable Summer Activities for Kids at Home

Nature Scavenger Hunt

This nature scavenger hunt consists of things your kids can easily find in your own backyard or neighborhood. But if you’re feeling adventurous take this printable kids activity on the road to a local park or wooded area. The items are all nature-based, flowers, trees, etc, so it’s a fun way to have your kids focus on the natural world.

Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt

If there isn’t much nature in your outdoors, this neighborhood scavenger hunt might be a better printable kids activity for your household. Take your kids outside to look for cars, doors, fences, buckets, and bikes. There is a little nature on this scavenger hunt, like the sun, rocks, or an ant. But they are mostly things your kids will find anywhere outside. Take the opportunity to explore your neighborhood with this printable summer activity for kids.

Kids Summer Coloring Pages

Printable coloring pages for kids are one of the easiest printable activities to set up. And there are so many options out there! I like to Google my daughters’ favorite animals and television shows for coloring pages. I’m showing you this pack of coloring because it is summer themed and different from most of the coloring printables you’ll find. There are 27 fun coloring pages and activities here.

Under the Sea Bingo & Match Game

I love this Under the Sea Bingo Game! Super fun for a summer party with kids! It makes a great printable activity for preschoolers and even school-age kids. The cards are bright and fun. Perfect for a mermaid party or anything with an ocean or under the sea theme. This Etsy shop also has printable activities and coloring pages in a variety of fun themes worth checking out!

Free Summer Journal

This printable journal from SAHM Plus is a fun way for your kids to record all of their summer fun! There are places to record everything from vacations to their favorite summer books. And pages to just write about (or draw about) the day to day happenings in life. My daughter is just learning to write so I love the space to draw pictures, which is useful for a younger child. And this summer journal is free! Check it out!

Travel with Kids

Travel Planner

Summer vacations can be the highlight of the season for many families. But the planning can be exhausting! Especially for moms who already have packed schedules right up to the day their vacation starts. This travel planner can make getting ready for your trip easier. It includes itineraries, a packing list, a travel journal, places to write your travel and hotel information, and much more. If you love to get organized before setting off on a trip this printable travel planner is for you!

Kids Vacation Packing List

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve forgotten something for the kids when we went on vacation. If you forgot the diapers, or pajamas, or their favorite stuffed animal, you can only hope there is a store around with an acceptable substitute. Kids often struggle to “make do” when you forget things. At least mine do. This printable packing list specifically for packing kids can be a lifesaver. It even lists things I’ve never thought of but definitely should have, especially when it comes to the “in case of illness or injury” type stuff. Many moms will find it useful.

Walt Disney World Budget & Packing List

If you have summer vacation plans at Disney World, well then I am extremely jealous of you. But also, I think you should check out these printables. These Disney themed printables for your budget and packing list will be useful in planning your trip. Did I mention my overwhelming jealousy? But seriously, have so much fun! Because it IS the happiest place on earth.

Printable Packing Checklist

My favorite thing about this packing list is that it’s got lines for lots of stuff. Because we bring so much stuff when we go on vacation. I always think we’ll have plenty of room. Never been the case. This list is colorful and there are special versions for a beach trip or a ski trip, which is kind of fun. Make your packing list, then photocopy it to save for your next trip!

Doodle Travel Packing List

This packing list is perfect for a weekend away. I need to print a couple because I run out of space on one sheet but it is so darn cute I love it anyways! I like the different categories of stuff to pack. It fits the way my brain works when it comes to packing, so this is the perfect packing list for me.

Printable Kids Travel Games

I encourage you to check out every set of kids travel games at this Etsy shop. There is a set of printables for road trips with kids, and others perfect for hikes or at campgrounds. I love these. There is even a Bug Bingo my kids will adore this summer. These are some of my favorite printable activities for kids.

Camping & Hiking with Kids

Hiking Scavenger Hunt

A hiking scavenger hunt is a great way to keep kids entertained and moving on the hiking trail. It’s easy enough for younger kids but still fun for school age. This is one of my favorite free printable activities for kids from And one I plan to use often this summer while hiking and camping.


Free Camping Checklist

Check out this great post from blogger Julie Hoag! She has a great post about camping essentials. Plus at the bottom, you can sign up for her email list to get her free camping packing list printable.

Camping Bingo

When I was a kid and we wanted to play games on a camping trip, we mostly played cards. Which was super fun and I totally suggest. But I would’ve loved to play this camping bingo game! It comes with 30 different cards, so it makes a great printable game for a big group campout.

Camping Toddler Activity Pack

I’ll admit that when I take my kids camping I want them to do outdoor things and be active. But if you’re on a camping trip and the weather turns bad you’ll be glad to have these printable activities for toddlers in your camping supplies. They are camping themed and lots of fun. They are also fun if you want to build up some excitement for the trip with your toddler before you go.


Camping Printable Games

Printable activities for kids that are school age are sometimes a little harder to find. But I like this activity pack for kids beyond the toddler and preschool years. There are Boggle pages, word searches, Tic Tac Toe, and a scavenger hunt. Great for evenings or afternoons in the campground when kids want to relax and play a few games.


Printable BBQ Invitation

Most BBQ invites are sent via text or Facebook these days. But if your BBQ rises to the level of an event or your feeling fancy, these printable invitations are the cutest. I would love to have one pinned on my refrigerator if someone was inviting me to a BBQ!

Family Reunion

Printable Family Reunion Invitation

Family Reunions are something many people look forward to every summer! This super fun family reunion invitation is customizable and has a spot for all the information you might want to include. You have the option with this one to print yourself or order them printed and shipped.

There’s One in Every Family Party Game

This is the best party game for a family reunion or other family gathering! The rules are similar to Apples to Apples. And this game is sure to have everyone in your family laughing.

Family Reunion Trivia Cards

If a game of family trivia sounds like fun, you’ll love this printable game for your family reunion. The questions are customizable and the answers are sure to get everyone talking at the reunion!

Family Reunion Awards

Family Reunion Rewards are a fun way to learn more about your extended family and celebrate the wonderful people on your family tree. There is everything from ‘Longest Married’ & ‘Most Grandchildren’ to ‘Youngest Family Member’ & ‘Fastest Swimmer’ so no one needs to leave empty-handed.

Family Reunion Photo Booth Props

Spice up the family reunion with some wild & crazy photos this year! You’ll love the pictures to look back on after the event.

Fourth of July

Fourth of July Printable Bingo

These colorful and kid-friendly printables to celebrate the Fourth of July make a fun game for your Independence Day BBQ or celebration. Adults will get a kick out of them too. Especially if you get creative with the prizes. Have some fun and a happy Fourth!

Free Fourth of July Word Search

Blogger Taryn Whiteaker created this free printable word search activity for kids to enjoy on the Fourth of July. Keep your kids busy while they wait for the fireworks with this free printable activity.


Ocean Toddler Activity Pack

Headed to the beach with a toddler? Well, in my area, the beach is usually windy, cold and rainy. But we love it anyway! So I know better than to go to the beach with toddlers without some activities to do indoors. I’m looking forward to this ocean-themed printable activity pack for toddlers to take to the coast this summer or to do at home when we’ve been watching too much Finding Dory and my kids are on an ocean kick.

Printable Shell Sorting Mat

This is an awesome free printable for kids from It’s a seashell sorting mat kids can use to categorize their beach treasures. My daughter is going to love this when we head to the coast this summer. And I’ll love it if most of the shells end up on the mat instead of in her pockets for me to find later!

Water Fun

Pool Bag Checklist

This printable from Moritz Fine Designs is for all of us busy moms trying to get the pool without forgetting anything in our overstuffed tote bag. It’s a pool bag checklist you can attach to your tote. The perfect way to make sure you have everything before you go to the pool whether you’re on vacation or headed to your local city pool.

Pool Rules Printable

If you’re one the fortunate few to have an actual pool at your place this summer, check out this beautiful AND honest pool rules printable. You’ll want to hang it where everyone in your pool can see it.


Hey Mamas! Are you ready for summer? What’s one printable you’d love to have to get you through the summer? If it’s not on my list, I’ll try to track one down for you and grow this list!

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