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20 Unique New Mom & Baby Gift Ideas on Etsy

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Ideas for a Unique Baby Gift from Etsy!

When a new baby arrives, everyone wants to celebrate. And baby gifts are a fun way to help a new mom welcome her baby and stock up on baby and newborn essentials. Whether you’re buying for a baby shower or a quick visit to the new mom after baby has arrived, you want to bring something special. Although you can’t go wrong when you’re buying from the registry, sometimes you want to find something unique. Quality handmade baby items from Etsy will delight new parents. And baby gifts on Etsy can be functional or fun and they come in all price ranges. Check out these 20 unique new mom and baby gift ideas on Etsy.

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20 Unique New Mom & Baby Gift Ideas on Etsy

1. Cloth Baby Swing

This adorable cloth baby swing can be used both inside and outside the house. It comes in a gorgeous array of fabrics and patterns. And the cloth seat and back are cushioned for baby’s comfort. Both new moms and babies will love having this swing in their home. 

2. Funny Burp Cloths

Burp cloths are something every new mom needs. So why not give mom something to make her smile while she’s cleaning up spit-up. Something besides her baby’s sweet face. These burp cloths are Too Cool For Drool and Too Legit to Spit. And perfect unique baby gift ideas that are fun and useful. 

3. Adorable Animal Hooded Towel

So, these are just the cutest! The towels come in everything from sheep to owls to pandas to dogs. Take a look through the entire shop and see if you can resist buying one! Guaranteed to get a round of “Awwws” at every baby shower. Plus the towels are great. More than cute, they are soft, warm, and just what you need for after a baby’s bath. 

4. Turtle Pacifier Pouch

If your baby loves their pacifier you know how important it is to keep those with you at all times. And how hard it is to keep them clean! A pacifier pouch is a perfect place to put extra binkys in the diaper bag. And to keep them clean and ready to use. There are many adorable pacifier pouches available on Etsy. Do a search. But none are cuter than this little turtle. 

5. Shh Baby Sleeping Sign

Every time the UPS guy shows up during my toddler’s nap, I still wish I had one of these signs! I can confidently say any new mom will be happy to hang this sign on her door. It beats frantically running to the door to head off someone knocking or desperately shushing everyone that comes through your door. Plus, it’s super cute. And you can personalize it with baby’s name. 

6. Breastfeeding Water Bottle

If you know a new mom will be breastfeeding, help her take care of herself! This inspirational reminder will help breastfeeding mamas remember to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water while they are breastfeeding.

7. Baby Bib with Accessories

These baby bibs do more than protect your baby’s outfits from drool, they make a fashion statement! They are almost too pretty to use. Almost. Definitely, you want to see them worn and loved. Check out all the different styles and colors!

8. Canvas Growth Chart

I just love these. They are adorable in a baby’s nursery or kid’s room. And they will delight both mom and baby for years to come. They come in many different styles, so find out the theme of baby’s nursery and choose the perfect growth chart for their room.

9. MamaBib Nursing Cover

During my time as a breastfeeding mom, I tried many nursing covers. And often struggled because both of my kids didn’t want to be covered. Which meant I didn’t get to be covered either. The MamaBib can fix that. It’s the only nursing cover I’ve found that covers mom but leaves baby free to be out in the open. Give the gift of this kind of comfort for mom and baby! New moms will thank you the first time they are breastfeeding in a public place without their breast exposed. 

10. Baby Hair Wash Cap

This is a must-have for parents of young kids. And it’s a cheap and uniquely useful baby gift. My youngest daughter was born with a full of head of hair. And within a few months of her birth, it needed regular washing. But it’s hard to pour water over a baby’s head without it getting in their face, which neither of you wants. This baby hair wash cap is the solution! 

11. Handmade Cloud Mobile

I wasn’t always a fan of mobiles over the crib. Many are tacky or noisy or just not my taste. These beautiful handmade cloud mobiles changed my mind. They are gorgeous, soft, and will delight your baby. Check out all the different styles to choose from!

12. Handmade Organic (and Adorable) Rompers

Baby clothes are one of the most popular baby gift ideas. And there are plenty of reasons for that. They’re not only useful, they’re adorable. And they don’t come much cuter than these handmade organic rompers. Many styles and colors to choose from for boys or girls.

13. Baby Leg Warmers

As silly as baby leg warmers sound they actually serve a useful purpose. When baby starts to crawl, leg warmers can be used to keep them from scraping up their sweet little baby knees when they’re not wearing pants (and for some reason they are often not wearing pants). These are great for summer crawling in rompers and onesies or fun to put under a dress and keep baby’s legs warm. Adorable and useful, the perfect baby gift idea. 

14. Newborn Feeding Tracker

I absolutely love this. It’s an instant download you can print. Then find an inexpensive frame and a dry erase marker to create a lovely and inexpensive new mom gift. This feeding tracker will be a sanity saver for new moms trying to get through the newborn phase of up all night and constant feedings. 

15. Unique Boppy Covers

If you see a Boppy on an expecting mom’s registry, consider buying her a fun cover from Etsy! You can never have too many covers. My kids were always spitting up on them! And it’s so nice to be able to swap out covers. You can find a fun pattern to fit the style of any new mom. 

16. Lactation Cookie Variety Pack

I know, I didn’t know Etsy had baked goods either. Until I found these. If you know a new mama is breastfeeding, why not help her give her milk supply a boost? She’ll love these delicious lactation cookies! And especially love that she doesn’t have to make them herself! No need to keep it a surprise if you want to let the new mom pick out the flavors, but no matter which flavors, she’ll be loving every bite. 

17. Personalized Baby Moccasins

Gah! How cute are these!!! Baby shoes are always too cute. And these personalized baby moccasins take it to the next level. Stylish, pretty and perfect for a new baby. And affordable! At this price, you could throw in a matching outfit and still have a reasonably priced gift. 

18. Pacifier Clips

Pacifiers are always getting lost. Especially once your baby gets mobile. A pacifier clip is an easy way to keep pacifier and baby together. But why get a plain, boring clip, when you could get these! The cutest pacifier clips ever! Check out all the adorable animals and colors! So sweet!

19. Nursery Closet Dividers

Help a new mom get organized with these adorable closet dividers for baby clothes! These are an instant download so you can print them at home. This is my favorite style of divider as far as shape and size. And the adorable animal pictures are perfect for a baby’s room. 

20. Baby Milestone Cards

The first months and years with a baby are full of special moments. Help new moms record each and every one with these baby milestone cards. There are multiple styles to choose from. And they make a unique and charming gift for a new mom and baby. 

When you’re shopping for a new mom or baby gift, Etsy is an amazing place to find unique handmade baby items you can’t get anywhere else. These are some of my favorites but they are only a fraction of the awesome baby stuff on Etsy. Check it out for yourself here!

What was your favorite baby gift? Anything unique that you really loved? Share in the comments!

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  1. So many cool gift ideas! My cousin’s gonna give birth in few months time and I’m seriously thinking of something unique to give her for the baby. I know a lot of friends and relatives will probably gonna give her the usuals–bottles, baby towels, socks, bibs, and the likes. I want to give her something unique and something that unnoticed need. Anyways, I can’t seriously pick something from the list above–I WANT THEM ALL. HAHAHAHAHAHAH Anyways, thanks for sharing 🙂

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